Flaming Fire

What Does It Mean That “God Became a Man”?

The "Flaming Fire" category contains essays which examine difficult sayings and offer various options for speaking about God faithfully. Biblical and Historic Teaching of the Incarnation The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ, the Word who was with God and was God, "became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1:1-3, 14). We learn from Scripture that… Continue reading What Does It Mean That “God Became a Man”?


Categories of The Classical Blog

The Classical Blog contains essays which cover a variety of topics. These topics generally fall underneath one of the following categories: Everlasting Dominion The "Everlasting Dominion" category contains essays which propose various ways in which the biblical, classical, and historical vision of God might impact contemporary culture, economics, and politics. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… Continue reading Categories of The Classical Blog


What Is Classical Christian Theism?

The purpose of The Classical Blog is to help the contemporary church reclaim its biblical, classical, and historical vision of God's unsearchable greatness. So it stands to reason that we should begin things by defining and describing what that classical vision is. In other words, we will define and describe "classical Christian theism." Simply put,… Continue reading What Is Classical Christian Theism?